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How to use New Look of Google Plus with Shortcuts?

Google Plus - We all know social networking service of Google. In April 2012 Google+ launched New Look of Google+. And now Google Plus features and services are rolling out on Web and on Google. First of all Google+ include all integration of Google products like Buzz and Google Profile and now you can integrate your Blogger profile to Google Plus. Yes it can replace your Blogger Profile to Google+ Profile. Sorry, We are not going to discuss about all features of Google Plus because nowadays Google+ using in many ways like social networking, social bookmarking (like twitter follow), Social Sharing (+1), Social Circles or Groups (like FB Group), hangout (text and video chat) etc. But we should use key features of Google+ it is given below:
[Note: You should have Google+ Profile (means Google Account) for using below Features]

+1: +1 is social recommend and sharing button of Google+. You can +1 to any post on Google+ that means you can publically recommend and share that post on Google+. Nowadays you can see many websites have added +1 buttons on its content.

Circles: Google+ Circle is a major feature of its services. You can create circles means groups on Google+ and share your things with your circle buddies. You can add people to your circles and share posts, images and videos to them. It contains two types of Buttons one is Add to Circle button for adding people into circles, and second button is Follow button for following Google+ Brand Pages.

Follow: This button of Google+ shows Google+ Brand Pages following feature. If you follow any Google+ Brand Page, it will add to your Following circle, and its streamline shows Google+ Brand pages news, posts, images, videos etc.

Hangout: Nowadays This feature is widely using for Group Video Chat (or ChatRoom for any content discussion). You can hangout or chat with your G+ friends, you can join live hangout, you can invite your friends for hangout on G+. You can discuss your things, posts, images and videos etc. on hangout. (Go to Top Left side of WBU Home page, you can see Hangout on WBU feature i.e. G+ Hangout button, you can use it.) 

Hangout on Air: HOA is live (real-time) video chat facility provided by Google+ with YouTube channel integration. If you have YouTube channel and Google+ Profile, you can chat live with your buddies. And your live video chat recorded on your YouTube channel. So people can watch HOA conversations later on your YouTube channel.

Google+ Local: In May 2012 Google Places replaced by Google+ Local. Google+ Local allows users to post photos and reviews of locations directly to its Page.

Google+ Events: Google+ Events allows users to add events, invite people, and then share photos and media in real-time from the event. It is integrated with Google Calendar.

Please Watch New Look of Google+ Video below:

We have described Keyboard Shortcuts of New Look of Google+ below, check out:
  • Press “/” – Go to the Search Box
  • Press “J”- Move to Next Post on Stream
  • Press “K”- Move to Previous Post on Stream
  • Press “Space” – Scroll Down Stream
  • Press “Shift+Space”- Scroll Up Stream
  • Press “End” – Go to Bottom of a Page
  • Press “Home” – Go to Top of a Page
  • Press “Enter”- On a Stream Press Enter to Comment
  • Press “Tab+Enter”- Post Typed Comment
  • Press “N” – Next Comment
  • Press “P” – Previous Comment

Ribbon Shortcuts:
  • Press (Left Arrow) – Go to the Ribbon (Enter into Ribbon)
  • Press (Up Arrow) – Move Up to the Ribbon
  • Press (Down Arrow) – Move Down to the Ribbon
  • Press (Right Arrow) – Move Back to the Stream (Exit from Ribbon)
  • Press “Enter” – Selects an Icon in the Ribbon

Please Watch New Look of Google+ with Shortcuts Video Tutorial here

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  1. +1 is the best thing for sharing post on web

  2. Nice Post & Nice Videos, Thanks WBU for G+ Shortcuts

  3. Hangout on WBU button on this page is awesome!

  4. Facebook killed Orkut, Now Google Plus killing Facebook.

  5. G+ Hangout is better than FB Skype Video Chat

  6. mtech2012@gmail.comJuly 25, 2012 at 2:43 AM

    I read a post about G+ Growth in June-July 2012 that was 40% or 44%. While FB growth was 1% or 2%. That means G+ killing FB...

  7. rina.patel212012@gmail.comJuly 25, 2012 at 2:51 AM

    Facebook still No.1, but who cares?
    I enjoy Google+

  8. Google+ is TRUE Social Networking.

  9. G+ Rocks - FB Su*ks

  10. All Google+ Books are Great!

    1. You are right, all G+ books are awesome & great!

  11. Really Awesome G+ Shortcuts

  12. Hola! I've been studying your webpage for a while now and lastly got the bravery to go forward and provides you a yell out from Austin, tx Tx! Just desired to say keep up the excellent job!

    1. Thank You. and yes you can contact me on Google+ just follow this link:


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