Monday, October 15, 2012

How to use Facebook Fan Page Timeline and Facebook Shortcuts?

Facebook Page Timeline or Facebook Fan Page Timeline is successful on web.
Facebook Page Timeline accepted by most users (but Facebook Profile Timeline rejected by many users). Here we are talking about Facebook Page timeline’s basic features, which is easy to use and very useful for any Facebook Page Admin. So check out below:

  • Set cover photo which is entirely related to your FB page or website goal.
  • Set Profile photo means your brand logo.
  • Fill About section of your FB Page (be specific in this area because it shows your activities and status of your FB page)
  • Check and view your admin panel and FB Page insights regularly (New Likes, People Talking About, Daily Reach, Messages, Notifications etc.)
  • Check activities on your page
  • Set milestones to define your short term goals
  • Pin important post to the top of your FB Page
  • Add Star on Post and Highlight your post
  • Hide and Delete your old FB Post or change the date of your post
  • Set your favorite and best posts as “Allowed on Timeline” in activity log
  • Edit and adjust your FB page views and Apps
  • Last but not least Post daily to your Page

For Quick and Fast - Use Facebook Timeline Shortcuts:

  • Alt+? – Search
  • Alt+m – create new message
  • Alt+1 – Home Page
  • Alt+2 – open Profile Page
  • Alt+3 – shows Friend Requests
  • Alt+4 – shows Messages
  • Alt+5 – shows Notifications
  • Alt+6 – shows Account Page
  • Alt+7 – shows Privacy Page
  • Alt+8 – shows Facebook’s Facebook Page
  • Alt+9 – shows Facebook Terms/Agreement
  • Alt+0 – shows Facebook Help Center

Note: For Mac OS users, press Ctrl+Option+Shortcuts. For Firefox on Mac OS, press Function+Ctrl. For Firefox on other OS, press Shift key. For Internet Explorer users, press Enter key after Shortcut.

Watch Facebook Fan Page Tutorial here

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