Sunday, February 26, 2012

Samsung's New Galaxy Beam - Combination of Smartphone and Projector

2012 will be Tech year especially in Mobile or Smartphone world. Because so many Smartphones and Mobiles coming on this year.
Day by day we read news & rumors about new mobiles & smartphones.
“iPhone 5 will launch in 2012 also a secret upcoming smartphone”  (rumors says like that)
Right now we are going to talk about just launched Samsung’s Galaxy Series devices i.e. Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0 inch), Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1 inch) and the Latest Galaxy Beam. Here in this post we have described the review and specifications of Galaxy Beam because it is the latest device of Galaxy Series.
Samsung’s Galaxy Beam also known as combo or combination of Smartphone and Projector. Now the question comes, Why?

It has described below with Specs:
  • Galaxy Beam has dual – core 1 GHz CPU for fastest access
  • 4 inch screen with 800*480 screen resolution
  • Two Cameras: 5 – megapixels Rear camera & Front camera has VGA mode
  • 768 MB RAM
  • Android 2.3

Now it’s time to differentiate this smartphone from most other smartphones on the market. It has ultra – bright, 15 – lumen projector which gives project output of 50 inch – wide image on a wall (640*360 resolution)
It is really flexible and handy for presentations.

Now you can give presentations at anytime and anywhere with this device and its features
Whenever you go your Smartphone cum Projector both will come together.
Now you can present your things with visual effect at anywhere with this awesome combination device…
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