Monday, March 26, 2012

Twitter's New Look - It's just like Gaming

“New version of Twitter” Wow! What a great thing made by Twitter. In December, Twitter launched a new version of Twitter. It’s been available for mobile phones, via the mobile web, Twitter for iPhone and Twitter for Android, after successful launching on all devices New Look came to Now, New version of Twitter available for everyone. Now everyone can use it.
Now What’s NEW in Twitter’s New Look. It’s just like gaming or playing game with computer keyboard. Have you seen or tried?
If no, take a look here… We have created a video which shows how to use Twitter with Computer Keyboard’s Keys or Buttons...

New version of Twitter divided into three modules or sections given below:
  1. Action Buttons or Keys
  2. Timelines Buttons or Keys
  3. Navigation Buttons or Keys
  • Action Buttons or Keys contains…

If you want to Favorite any tweet Press ‘F’ key
If you want to Reply on any tweet Press ‘R’ key
If you want to Retweet any tweet Press ‘T’ key
If you want to send a Direct Message to any Twitter user Press ‘M’ key
If you want to write New Tweet Press ‘N’ key
If you want to open Tweet Details or Properties Press ‘Enter’ key or button
If you want to close all Open Tweets Press ‘L’ key
F, R, T, M, N, ENTER and L are Action keys on Twitter (just like Action Menu on Gamepad)

  • Timelines Keys or Buttons contains…

Press G + H (GH) – Go to the Home tab or Home Page of Your Twitter Account
Press G + C (GC) – Go to the Connect tab. It’s the place to see who has followed or mentioned you, or retweeted or favorited one of your Tweets.
Press G + R (GR) – Go to the Mention Stream (It shows Tweets which shows somebody mention you)
Press G + D (GD) – Go to the Discover tab where you will see results reflecting your interests. These are based on your current location, what you follow and what’s happening in the world (means Discover shows Trending Now things and stuff on Twitter)
Press G + A (GA) – Go to the Activity Stream
Press G + P (GP) – Go to Your Twitter Profile Page
Press G + F (GF) – Go to Favorites Tweets
Press G + L (GL) – Go to Your Twitter Lists
Press G + M (GM) – Go to Twitter Direct Messages box
Press G + S (GS) – Go to your Twitter Account Settings
Press G + U (GU) – Go to any Twitter user’s Profile
(It’s just like cheat codes of Video Games)

  • Navigation Keys or Buttons contains…

Press ‘J’ key – Go to Next Tweet
Press ‘K’ key – Go to Previous Tweet
Press ‘Space’ key or button – For Page Down
Press ‘/’ (slash) key to search anything on Twitter
Press ‘.’ (dot) key to Load New Tweets
By the way, you can see all Twitter shortcuts by typing “?” when you’re on (It’s just like Help Button or Key)

If you want to know more about Twitter, just click on Twitter Books Images on this Post and Learn more about Twitter…

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