Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Microsoft + Nokia Update - What is the meaning of Nokia's Infographic & Deal?

We all know “Microsoft Buying Nokia” (Devices & services business unit). Microsoft + Nokia Deal announced but not yet done (pending regulatory approval and pending many meetings). Nokia posted about this deal here (in its press release). After this Press release, Nokia published an infographic (visual guide post “Nokia+Microsoft”) title: Infographic: continuing reinvention at Nokia and Microsoft. Infographic: 

Now here comes my question: what is actual meaning & logic of this Infographic or Visual Guide? Yeah it sounds like Microsoft + Nokia Deal that I know. But my question is what does it show?

Evolution of Nokia & Microsoft?

History of Nokia & Microsoft?

From Past to Present achievements of Nokia & Microsoft?

Reinvention of Nokia and Microsoft? (Nokia posted like that)

Innovation of Nokia going to Microsoft?

History of Microsoft smaller than History of Nokia?

Shared successful History of Nokia & Microsoft?

Beginning of both Nokia & Microsoft?

History of invention & innovation?


End of Nokia?

Beginning of Microsoft?

Next chapter of what: success or failure for both Microsoft and Nokia?

Will Microsoft create and invent new Nokia (windows smartphones & tablets & PCs)?

Next Nokia’s milestones will be available in Microsoft’s Infographic?

Is This the Last Infographic of Nokia?

Microsoft is bigger than Nokia’s Present & future?

If you have answers of these questions drop it below in comment area. It is important to discuss because Remember the Time when Nokia……………..

N series & E series hit the market globally (no iOS & android devices market)

Symbian world- symbian phones were the best budget phones in the market.

Status in Multimedia phones.

Did you use Nokia phones or Microsoft Tablets, smartphones & PCs?

After Microsoft + Nokia Deal: What will happen with Nokia’s other mobile OS phones like Nokia Asha phones, symbian phones, & other feature phones & non-smartphones.

What will happen with Nokia’s Lumia series (Nokia’s windows phones)?

Will Microsoft launch only Nokia windows phones?

Will Microsoft launch Nokia + Surface tablets with windows OS?

Many questions continuing…

But fact is, I can’t say it’s a good deal or bad deal for all of us?

Now question to you- What do you think about this deal? Please reply & answer in comment section below…

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